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How to install Android Studio and android core based VITULUS app on Ubuntu 20.04

The application can control the device on the robot, display the battery and charging status, manage and navigate in maps and control the robot using a joystick. For a better idea of what the application looks like, let's start with two printscreens.

VITULUS mobile app - camera view
VITULUS mobile app - camera view

VITULUS mobile app - map view
VITULUS mobile app - map view

Let's start

If you want to change or improve VITULUS android app, you must install and configure Android studio and android_core environment. Then you'll be able to modify VITULUS app for your needs.

First install OpenJDK

sudo apt-get install openjdk-8-jdk

Then download Android Studio

Extract the archive to /opt/android-studio

tar -xzvf android-studio-ide-201.6858069-linux.tar.gz --directory /opt/

Run the Android studio


Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-12-48.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-13-30.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-13-49.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-18-06.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-14-20.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-14-50.png

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 16-18-33.png

Choose SDK Manager

Snímek z 2020-11-03 16-20-43.png

And add API levels 17, 15, 13, 10

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 17-01-32.png

Apply changes

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-03 17-02-07.png

On the welcome screen select "Get from version control"

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-05 16-06-50.png

Put the git url.

Snímek obrazovky pořízený 2020-11-05 16-09-21.png

And confirm by Clone button.

Android Studio - android_vitulus_control
Android Studio - android_vitulus_control

Now is everything ready. The Android Studio offer update of Graddle plugin, don't do that.

The VITULUS application is called android_vitulus_control and is based on android_core. Now you can modify it or expand it according to your own needs. It is not perfect and will certainly change and develop in the future, but it is functional. Currently, this project is built on a non ROS java environment, so custom message types are not available. It uses only those that are available from the repository. This will need to change over time.

If you decide to contribute a fix or improvement, feel free to open the pull request.