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Tutorial #4 - The chassis assembly

I don't want to delay you with long readings, so I'll use pictures a lot and point you out important things. It's easy, let's get to it. If necessary, you can watch the video. You will find the whole assembly procedure there.

Assembly takes about 25 minutes.

At this tutorial we put the parts we assembly in previous tutorials together and build the Vitulus chassis.

First, make sure you have all the necessary parts.

Necessary parts
DSC02733.JPG Necessary parts
DSC02736.JPG Screws

Part list

  • Printed parts - download STL files Supports
  • Printed parts - download STL files Rails
  • 4pcs - M3x16 screw
  • 8pcs - M3x14 screw
  • 4pcs - M3x1.6 square nut
  • 2pcs - M3x25 screw
  • 12pcs - 3.2 x 9 mm pad
  • 12pcs - M3 nut self-lock PA
  • 12pcs - 3.2 mm serrated lock washer
  • 2pcs - M3x102 mm threaded rod


Assemble middle supports, middle holder and put together MainUnitSupport and PowerUnit.

First use the super glue and fix the M3 self lock nut on one end of each threaded rod. Put the glue on the end of rod and screw on the nut to be aligned with end of the threaded rod.

Follow images and insert beams into the units. Two of beams are 0.5 mm longer, put them to PowerUnit. Two shorter beams put into the holes in MainUnitSupport. Put on Middle holder on beams. Now put it together. Insert serrated lock washer and big washer on each prepeared rod with nuts. Insert all six rods into the holes. On the other end put on big washer, seerated lock washer and self lock M3 nut. Tighten firmly but gently.

Middle supports assembly
DSC02745.JPG Required parts
DSC02746.JPG Prepare PowerUnit and MainUnitSupport
DSC02747.JPG Put the supports into the holes. Two of them are 0.5 mm longer, put them to PowerUnit.
DSC02749.JPG Put the Middle holder on.
DSC02750.JPG Put it together.
DSC02752.JPG Insert threaded rods with glued nut on one end. Use big washer and serrated lock washer.
DSC02754.JPG On the other end of the theaded rods put on big washer, serrated lock washer and self lock nut.
DSC02755.JPG Tighten firmly but gently.
DSC02758.JPG Middle supports assembled.


Follow the images and insert the M3 squared nuts into the holes. Put on the top cover and fix it with M3x16 screws. Two screws from bottom side and two from top side.

Middle cover assembly
DSC02759.JPG Required parts
DSC02761.JPG Insert squared M3 nuts to bottom holes.
DSC02762.JPG Insert squared M3 nuts to upper holes.
DSC02763.JPG Put on the top cover.
DSC02766.JPG Fix the cover from bottom side with screws M3x16.
DSC02767.JPG Fix the cover from top side with screws M3x16.


Assemble the rails. You can use the rails to mount another accessory. First assemble rear rail use the M3x25 screw to fit it in the hole in the middle of PowerUnit. Then put on front part of the rail and use the M3x14 screws for rest of the holes.

Rails assembly
DSC02768.JPG Required parts
DSC02769.JPG Put on the rear rail first.
DSC02770.JPG Then put on front rail.
DSC02771.JPG Use the screws to fit the rails on the body.
DSC02772.JPG Assembled rails

VITULUS 4WD body is assembled :)

DSC02775.JPG side view
DSC02777.JPG rear-left view
DSC02780.JPG top view