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Vitulus 4WD mapping and localization test

Mapping and localization test on Vitulus 4WD using Rtabmap, D435, T265. The result is not what i been expected and I think it is not enough to navigate lawn mower. It is usable when navigate on previously mapped way from point A to point B. I had better results then you can see in the video, but it still was not enough to precise navigation of lawn mower.

See it on the video...

This is not my best result, but it is one I captured on camera. There were a better result, but it still was not enough to get the acceptable precision. I spent more than one month on the garden with testing and I tried almost every combination of setting. Good results I had when the robot was navigate on the paths whitch been used on mapping. I thing the problem are areas without some obstacles, where is only grass and when the sun shine agains the depth camera. I tried the robot indoor and there I had nice and smooth navigation with acceptable precision of localization.

Is there someone who get better experience? Tell me.

So I decided to extend the robot sensors with GNSS-RTK and use it for outdoor navigation.