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VITULUS CAD files published

As a modeling software tool, I used FreeCAD, it's open source and powerful enough to do everything I need to do it. On my GitLab you will find both source files for FreeCAD and .stl files with individual parts for printing. There are all printable parts of the robot. Furthermore, only electronics, servos, connecting material such as screws, nuts, threaded rods and even bearings are needed.

You can use the source files for FreeCAD if you want to modify a component, or you can contribute some improvements or new accessories. The print files are designed for printing on a PrusaMk2 / 3 printer. That is, for a printing area of 21x25 cm. If you do not have a suitable printer, try (print on demand) and you'll probably find someone nearby who can print the parts you need. Alternatively, contact me by email and we will make an agreement.

The robot parts are divided by units.

Vitulus assembled


Main unit

Removable main control unit. You can transfer it to another robot. Contains most expensive electronics.


Main unit support

It is used to attach and connect the main unit and also forms the supporting part of the robot.


Power unit

It forms the supporting part of the robot and contains the battery, power module, voltage converters, main switch and emergency switch.


Caster wheel unit

Swivel castor with axial and radial bearings.


Wheel unit

Driven wheel with a diameter of 210 mm. The unit includes a 1: 3 gearbox and a Dynamixel XM430-W210-T servo. The gears are mounted in bearings.


Support parts

Beams used to connect robot units and to connect accessories.


Mower unit

Robot accessories, mower module. So far in the development version. The cutting height can be set. It needs to be fitted with a knife and motor.


All the files you can find on my GitLab