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Vitulus has new actuators

Last time I said I would show you more. Here it is. Vitulus has a new drive, chassis and much more, but more on that next time. Today I want to introduce new actuators and wheel supports briefly. Vitulus is powered now by four BLDC motors with Moteus controller. In tests it reach almost 4 m/s velocity, but it is too much for small robot to be controlled saftly. So I set 1 m/s as max. velocity. The robot has now a lot of torque and it's wheel supports are rigid. I can sit on the chassis and the robot can go with me. It is realy strong now. Due to rigidity of wheel supports, wheels and new tire design I avoided the robot's jumpig when it turns on the place. Now is it smooth turning. So nice:)

See the video for better idea.

The previous versions was not bad, but this is what I want. I'll see how it will goes in next few weeks and if everything will be all right I'll publish the files of the chassis and ROS part of the base_control. I'll plan some tutorials for the autumn. There is a more new things on the Vitulus, I'll tell you more in the next blog post soon.

Some images from construction
IMG_20220724_195832 #1
IMG_20220709_015001 #2
IMG_20220709_020156 #3
IMG_20220710_191645 #4
IMG_20220714_140711 #5
IMG_20220720_211509 #6
DSC03276 #7
DSC03283 #8
DSC03286 #9
DSC03295 #10